Sony Smart Products

Sony does not end its manufacturing in production of phones alone but its wings spread as those of eagles into production of other smart items. Sony is smart! This is why we are informing about the online tips features and functions of these products.


Xperia Touch

The Xperia Touch has Touch Screen Projector, Games, Chats and more plus compact and light. Other features are: USB Type C, 10 ppoints multi-touch input, 80 percent projection expansion ability, Presense Sensing support as well as two ways stereo.


The Xperia Touch is different from the traditional projector in that it does not only reflect. It turns any flat surface to a screen with which you can interact as you do with the screen of your android and windows devices. It has a short-throw projection, supports Wifi connection service as well as state-of-art torch feature with which the portable projector transforms your home. The device is also connected to Google Play.


Xperia Ear

This product is as Smart Assistant with ear commands , comfort fit,etc other features are: personalised information updates, voice command for hands-free phones use, lightweight and voice interpretation.


This device helps manage your day for you as it assists in sending and receiving messages, check your schedule, search, navigate, etc. It also supports intuitive commands as well as getures. You can nod and it grabs what you mean.

SmartBand 2 Wrist Strap

This device is designed for SmartBrand 2. It chooses from two attractive colours and has comfortable silicone straps.


It can be customised with ease as you can add one colour straps out of two. You should just pop the colour unit out from the strap then place it into one another.


SmartWatch 3 SWR50

The device is different from the traditional watch that only tells you time as it gives you notifications, has full colour touchscreen, has music player and space for storing music to your taste. Other features are: GPS for tracking route and distance, in-built compass that makes you an unmitigated adventurer, an accelerometer that makes it know what exactly  an accelerometer that makes it know what exactly you are doing: either running, jogging or walking; a gyroscope that also enhances actual calculations of your movement.


With this device on your wrist, you will get all you need on your android like: messages, Facebook notifications, and music. You must be informed that this device is powered by Android Wear.

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Smart Bluetooth Speaker BSP 60

This device has voice control and hands-free support, alarm and information, as well as wireless music play back.


It gives you weather information and tells you about your daily schedule. It serves as your personal assistant as set your alarm or timer for you. It supports languages like English, French, Japanese, Italian and Spanish. What else are you looking for? You want to make a conference call? With a single touch of the speaker, you will start your meeting.

Sony smart products are yet unbeatable ones that you will always want to have.