Products of Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson is a multinational company which a had been for close to a century or thereabout, initially an idea birthed, realised and lead by Lar Ericsson. Since then, it has been one of the most leading among the giants of technology in the world. The company generally became solely Sony’s having acquired Ericsson’s part of the share in the year 2012.

Sony Ericsson Smart Phones

The year 2012, however became a year of a year of realisation of a change in history to the company as the products manufactured by Sony came in the Xperia range. At the 2008 in Barcelona, Sony Mobile launched her Xperia range with the product it called Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. It has the operating system of Windows Mobile but the panel interface of Sony Ericsson. Since the planet of technology is an always evolving one, the launching of the Xperia X10 in 2010 with the android features and operating system shows the committed progress of the Sony Ericsson Company.  This was just an introduction to the ground-breaking influence of Sony Ericsson in the technology realm.


Sony Smartphones

XperiaZ3Xperia Z was launched in 2013. It was called Omnibalance but nicknamed balance later. As 2014, it was mentioned that Sony concentrated more on high –end phone products but having a reduction in number of low and mid-end products. Having the updated internal features in assembled in a body like that of Xperia Z3, the first model was launched in the year 2015. The product is called XperiaZ3+.



The wearables are the secondary phones accessories that could be attached to the phone. Sony, which was the defunct Sony Ericsson, has been making long since 2006, watches that could use Bluetooth. Thing upgraded in 2010 as the LiveView  smartwatch was unleashed a  display of OLED in colour mode. It enable the user to see notifications and  as well as control the music player. 2012,2013 and 2014 witnessed an upgrade Smartwatch  1, 2 and 3 respectively.



Sony offers a number of applications that serve your purpose. They range from video, gaming camera to music apps. Its most popular apps are:

Track ID: this offers mobile music as well as audio recognition service.

Xperia Lounge:  this satisfies your music, film and mobile entertainment yearn.

Lifelong: this is for the purpose of activity tracking and fitness. It is designed for android services.

PlayStation Video: this is the one film and television programme programme distribution service which was first offered by Sony Entertainment Network.


Former Products

BRAVIA RANGE: In 2007, this was launched in Japan. Up to this time, five BRAVIA branded phones have been into production. Sony Ericsson (FOMA SO9O3Itv, FOMA SO906i, U1, S004, and SOO5).

THE WALKMAN:  IN 2005, the W branded Walkman series was launched. The Sony-Ericsson W series made for music became notable for being the first music-centric series mobile phones. One notable feature is that there is a W-button which when pressed opens the media centre.

The Cyber-Shot-branded lines of phones was launched in 2006. It was the newer model of the K-Series phones. This grade of phone had more attention paid to the camera. Cyber shot phones usually have  camera, xenon flash, and also include auto-focus camera.

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