Smart Phones – The future, however which one do you choose?


I Phone and Samsung Galaxy

Apple and Samsung flagship phones, the iPhone 6, and Galaxy S6, are sure to rule the world of smartphones. The two phones have impressive similarities in terms of design, features, and cost but each still has some distinctive features.


Wireless Charging and Quick Charging

Galaxy S6 supports wireless charging with a separate wireless charger like many other top android mobile phones. Just place the phone on a wireless charging pad. Also S6 charges faster.

Built-in heart-rate monitor

Samsung Galaxy S6 has built in heart-rate monitor that also measures your oxygen. It can also measure you resting heart-rate and also assist in measuring same while you are exercising to know the rate at which you are pushing. However the real-test has proven that the one the phone does is not accurate.

Iphone 6 on the other hand also measures the heart rate using the LED flash but it requires that you make use of a third party app to run it.

Bigger Screen Resolution

Samsung Galaxy S6 has a large super sharp screen that impresses the user and with a resolution higher than that of iPhone 6. Samsung S6 has 5.1 inch AMOLED 2560 by 1440 pixel resolution. Conversely, iPhone 6 has 4.7-inch 1,344 by 750 display. If you need a screen as wide as that of S6 and you want to use iPhone, you should go for iPhone 6+ which is far more expensive.

A Dedicate VR Accessory

With smartwatches and virtual reality, Samsung has got a little ahead of Apple when we mention future tech. the Samsung Gear VR headset pairs  with the Galaxy S6 to create an immersive video-watching and game-playing experience. VR is quite ahead of its time but if you like it, you will be able to use it with S6.


With other Apple devices like an iPad, and MacBook, you can very easily share file like photos, videos links from Safari between devices, using Airdrop, in iOS 8 and Mac OS Yosemite. Furthermore, using Handoff, you can answer calls from your iPhone on a Mac. This easy, built-in system is unique to Apple products, so if you already use a Mac or iPad and you want all of your devices to communicate just use choose iPhone.

More New Apps

iOS usually gets new apps first because it’s easier to develop and app for a new phone using iOS than developing several models running different versions of androids.

With third party apps the features in apple can be replicated into Android and a PC. Samsung also has a feature known as Allshare, Play which allows you play videos on eligible smart TV and access files from your PC but the experience therein is different from that of AirDrop and Handoff.

Aslo apps from Apple are free from malware and viruses unlike Android which is subjected to various kinds of malicious malware.

Compatible Accessories

If you need a case or compatible speakers, headset and other accessories for your phone then go for iPhone as the case makers easily make compatible ones. Though Samsung products now gain attention from case makers, it is still advisable to go for Apple products if accessories are one of the things you won’t let go in a phone.

The qualities of the two phones may put you into dilemma. Just categorise everything into: Fashion, Storage, Application/Functions, Safety and Durability and think of which you are going for in the categories. Then choose the phone that best suits the choice you select.

Thanks for the mobile computer technician in Brisbane who was able to sit down with us and explain the difference!